While CareLink does not offer financial assistance for Prescriptions, our team works with the patients to identify the cheapest location for prescription fulfillment, while taking into account and respecting the ‘preferred’ pharmacy that the patient has given us. CareLink recognizes that the cost of many medications is very prohibitive, so we look for generic alternatives to brand name prescriptions. We offer patient prescription discount cards and organizations that we know can assist the patient. Two examples of this (although not exclusive) would be:
Good Pill, a mail order pharmacy located in Norcross GA that can provide 90 day prescription refills for as low as $6. https://pharmacygps.com/drugstore/good-pill-pharmacy-1669909883/
Goodrx, a prescription discount card good at most pharmacies. https://www.goodrx.com/
Additionally we will assist our patients in going directly to the prescription manufacturer to obtain free medications through the manufacturer’s foundations.
CareLink’s goal is to provide the support to improve the lives of our patients, which carries through to the medications they take.